I'm Back!

14 November 2020

I’m Back!!!

Everyone might wonder where I have been. Frankly speaking, I don’t know either! Camel is still stronger than ever, but mostly confined in the Camel house, as we all know what is happening – COVID :)

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about Passwords. I used to save passwords in a little py file, with all my credentials laying out nicely line by line, next to the account names. Now, before you scold me, I know I know, this is insecure. If the file every gets leaked, I am done. Our talented Dr. Yu (Remember him from my epic first post??) also shared the same concern. One day, he saw this little py file and went, ‘why don’t you encode your passwords?’

I got to say, he always make fair and strong points. So after shamelessly stealing his codes (as always), I am now encrypting my passwords using Crypto. However, this is still inconvenient. If I am on-the-go with my phone and wanted to access some accounts, I don’t have this handy script with me to decrypt my passwords. I am also a bit lazy to install mobile python applications to run the script.

So here I am, trying to develop a password en(de)cryptor on my website! Afterall, camel.rocks can’t rock without some useful little features right?


Send me anything except negative stuff! I will cry :)